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The Baby Boomer trade off

As another financial year comes to a close here in Australia and we see a return of confidence in the economy, will this be the year we see baby boomer business owners again look at cashing in on the one major asset they have? If so, have they done enough work ON their business to… Continue reading The Baby Boomer trade off


Finding our life’s purpose

As my journey to fitness evolves I find myself looking at other areas of my life. Where else can I improve? What am I here for? When my time is done, what impression would I like to leave? What do I want to be remembered by? Don’t worry, I’m not going all hippy or anything.… Continue reading Finding our life’s purpose

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Dare to Inspire – Feedback after week 5

Five weeks after I dived into this idea to get fit again and I’m still loving it! So how am I faring with the program? Happy to say I am still on track and amazed at how quickly the body adapts when pushed! Stats to date: Body weight before: 65.9 kg Body weight to date:… Continue reading Dare to Inspire – Feedback after week 5

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Dare to Inspire – feedback after week 1

It’s Tuesday night, just in from a frustrating, long day of work. So easy to convince yourself that you deserve a nice glass or two of wine & settle in for the evening in front of some mindless TV, movie/music streaming or internet browsing? Wrong! For those of you who read “Dare to Inspire” you… Continue reading Dare to Inspire – feedback after week 1