Finding our life’s purpose

As my journey to fitness evolves I find myself looking at other areas of my life. Where else can I improve? What am I here for? When my time is done, what impression would I like to leave? What do I want to be remembered by? Don’t worry, I’m not going all hippy or anything.… Continue reading Finding our life’s purpose

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I Dared to Inspire!

Back in November of last year I unexpectedly found myself fighting for my life on the side of the road with a vicious roaming Rottweiler who decided he wanted to have my dog for breakfast. Of course, this mad Paddy wasn’t having that and instead decided to protect him; long story short I came off… Continue reading I Dared to Inspire!

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Dare to Inspire – Feedback after week 5

Five weeks after I dived into this idea to get fit again and I’m still loving it! So how am I faring with the program? Happy to say I am still on track and amazed at how quickly the body adapts when pushed! Stats to date: Body weight before: 65.9 kg Body weight to date:… Continue reading Dare to Inspire – Feedback after week 5

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Dare to Inspire – feedback after week 1

It’s Tuesday night, just in from a frustrating, long day of work. So easy to convince yourself that you deserve a nice glass or two of wine & settle in for the evening in front of some mindless TV, movie/music streaming or internet browsing? Wrong! For those of you who read “Dare to Inspire” you… Continue reading Dare to Inspire – feedback after week 1