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My unexpected visit to the Emergency Department!

Yes, that’s right even though I have been involved in many lean programs to improve operational efficiencies in various industries over the years I was shocked to see a perfect example of it in action in the local Gold Coast Hospital surgery theatre.(I was there for an emergency procedure after being attacked by a very agressive roaming Rottweiler… Continue reading My unexpected visit to the Emergency Department!

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Lean Thinking – The 7 Wastes

Lean Thinking and what does it mean for your company?   Like you I hear words like “LEAN” and “5S” being used extensively in manufacturing circles. But what does it mean exactly? How will your company benefit? What will the future state of your business look like once implemented? In fact Lean is not really about 5S at all, it’s much more… Continue reading Lean Thinking – The 7 Wastes