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Another year gone, are you happy with the result?

Yes, believe it or not it’s December again. How was your year? Are you happy with the result or do you know that you could have done better? With a new year approaching it’s time to again reflect on what it is you want to achieve in life. What is your life’s purpose. What do… Continue reading Another year gone, are you happy with the result?


Finding our life’s purpose

As my journey to fitness evolves I find myself looking at other areas of my life. Where else can I improve? What am I here for? When my time is done, what impression would I like to leave? What do I want to be remembered by? Don’t worry, I’m not going all hippy or anything.… Continue reading Finding our life’s purpose

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I Dared to Inspire!

Back in November of last year I unexpectedly found myself fighting for my life on the side of the road with a vicious roaming Rottweiler who decided he wanted to have my dog for breakfast. Of course, this mad Paddy wasn’t having that and instead decided to protect him; long story short I came off… Continue reading I Dared to Inspire!

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Are You Fit to Lead?

A question that has popped up several times over the past 8 weeks of my quest to regain fitness is just how fit are most leaders? From my experience as a management consultant on the Gold Coast I suspect that the answer for most would be “not really”. What do I mean by fit to… Continue reading Are You Fit to Lead?