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It’s EOFY again, are you ready?

Do you have a Strategic Plan for 2017/2018? With only weeks to go to the start of a new financial year have you done the necessary to give your people the flying start needed to achieve your goals for the next 4 quarters? What are your goals? Have your team been involved in setting them… Continue reading It’s EOFY again, are you ready?

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The Baby Boomer trade off

As another financial year comes to a close here in Australia and we see a return of confidence in the economy, will this be the year we see baby boomer business owners again look at cashing in on the one major asset they have? If so, have they done enough work ON their business to… Continue reading The Baby Boomer trade off

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Time to plan next year’s budget

For those of us living and running a business in Australia it is time to prepare for the new financial year. What do I mean by that? Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a firm believer in the saying “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Sounds harsh?… Continue reading Time to plan next year’s budget

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Last Quarter, Last Chance!

Okay, third quarter over and into the final straight if you do business here in Australia. How is your business tracking? Hopefully you have the tools in place to know, but if not its the ideal time to implement them for the new financial year in July. But firstly, back to the last quarter and… Continue reading Last Quarter, Last Chance!

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Why are my sales trending down?

Well to begin, what are you selling and who is your market? Is that market real or perceived? What is your realistic share of that market? In this ever evolving Smartphone/Tablet/Social Media World is your product/service even relevant anymore??? Don’t get upset with me!!! It’s what is called a product’s life cycle and you have… Continue reading Why are my sales trending down?