Eliminate Anxiety & Addictive Behaviour

Inner Focus Hypnosis specialises in helping people eliminate anxiety and their reliance on a crutch.

We all have basic universal human needs and when one or more of them are not met we tend to turn to unhealthy habits, we become anxious, lacking in self-esteem and if left untreated long enough those unhealthy habits become addictions, our relationships suffer, our health fails, we encounter financial difficulties, work problems and even legal issues.
Together using a blend of hypnosis, NLP and mindset coaching we determine which of these unmet human needs are missing, we remove the resulting bad habits and feelings, then we focus on how we can get those needs met.
Believe it or not we all actually have the necessary resources to turn our life around; we sometimes just need to relearn, re-discover and learn to focus on what matters… getting those needs met! When that happens those so called addictions, behaviours, habits, crutches, anxiety, worry and depression fade away and become obsolete.
Having utilised these very same techniques on turning my own life around I would love to help you with yours. This has become my life purpose which incidentally was one of the major needs that was missing for me.
So as to help as many people as possible I have created the Inner Focus to Recover program:

• Totally online, • 15, 30, 45 days • 3 customised 1 on 1 sessions • daily tips, tasks and countless resources • 12 months unlimited email support

Contact me to discuss in more detail and/or to arrange an appointment. I look forward to helping you to become the best version of you!
Cheers, Johnny.