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2017 -Ready, Set, Go. Is your business ready?

With only days to go to the start of a new year have you done the necessary to give your people the flying start needed to achieve your goals for 2017? What are your goals? Have your team been involved in setting them and are they on board? What are your smart numbers and do… Continue reading 2017 -Ready, Set, Go. Is your business ready?

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A timely reminder on key metrics…

How do yours stack up? Are you on track? Even if you are exceeding budget, I am sure that you would not refuse the opportunity to greatly increase your profits by having your Sales Team focus on 5 Key Profit Drivers? Remember, what gets measured gets results. So what are these key drivers? Leads Conversion… Continue reading A timely reminder on key metrics…

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Staying focused with Core Values

Core Values – jargon thrown around by consultants and personal development ‘gurus’ or actually worth investing in? Well first off, what are they and how do we benefit by being aware of and aligning ourselves with them? Sounds simplistic but core values are simply our set of beliefs, what we believe in and what motivates… Continue reading Staying focused with Core Values

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Could your business do with a leg up?

Through the development of a strategic vision, employee engagement, and the implementation of systems, I can help your business become “investor ready.” But what do I mean by “investor ready” and how can I help? Over the years I have been fortunate to work in both profitable, enjoyable, systemised workplaces and non-profitable chaotic “house on… Continue reading Could your business do with a leg up?

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Do you love what you do?

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Considering we spend such a large chunk of our life working, it would be logical to expect that the majority of us spend that time doing something we love. But is that the case? From the number of unhappy people I have met over the years I would suggest not! So many…