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Treating Addiction with Hypnotherapy

Addiction – a word so full of stigma, assumptions and misunderstanding. What is addiction really? Do you really believe that people are “addicted” to a product, habit or behaviour? Really? If “it” was so addictive wouldn’t we all succumb? No, there is a lot more to it; people that become addicted are in fact missing… via… Continue reading Treating Addiction with Hypnotherapy

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Is your business at risk of being left behind in 2016?

So here we are at the beginning of another year; I would expect that you have a clearly defined Vision along with the Strategies for achieving it and you have communicated all this to your employees. But what if that is no longer enough? What if despite following the Vision, Strategies, Systems & People mantra… Continue reading Is your business at risk of being left behind in 2016?

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Survivor or Creator?

  Survivor vs. Creator, which one are you and why this is so important… Have you ever caught yourself wishing you were a kid again? Carefree, still believing that anything you dream of becoming can be your reality? What happened? Where and when did you stop believing this? I’m guessing somewhere around the time that… Continue reading Survivor or Creator?

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Kicking Goals? If not, why not?

As we approach the end of the calendar year I recommend an honest review of your business; how sales are tracking, what works, what doesn’t and make the changes necessary NOW so that you do hit those targets. This is true for all aspects of our life but for now, back to business. I would… Continue reading Kicking Goals? If not, why not?