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Could your business do with a leg up?

Through the development of a strategic vision, employee engagement, and the implementation of systems, I can help your business become “investor ready.” But what do I mean by “investor ready” and how can I help? Over the years I have been fortunate to work in both profitable, enjoyable, systemised workplaces and non-profitable chaotic “house on… Continue reading Could your business do with a leg up?

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Do you love what you do?

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Considering we spend such a large chunk of our life working, it would be logical to expect that the majority of us spend that time doing something we love. But is that the case? From the number of unhappy people I have met over the years I would suggest not! So many…

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Treating Addiction with Hypnotherapy

Addiction – a word so full of stigma, assumptions and misunderstanding. What is addiction really? Do you really believe that people are “addicted” to a product, habit or behaviour? Really? If “it” was so addictive wouldn’t we all succumb? No, there is a lot more to it; people that become addicted are in fact missing… via… Continue reading Treating Addiction with Hypnotherapy

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Is your business at risk of being left behind in 2016?

So here we are at the beginning of another year; I would expect that you have a clearly defined Vision along with the Strategies for achieving it and you have communicated all this to your employees. But what if that is no longer enough? What if despite following the Vision, Strategies, Systems & People mantra… Continue reading Is your business at risk of being left behind in 2016?