About me

Through the development of a strategic vision, employee engagement, and implementation of systems I can help your business become “investor ready.”

I have  considerable experience managing manufacturing companies in industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Precision Engineering, Heavy Engineering and Construction. Therefore I am confident that I can help you take your business to the next level or indeed the level after that.

 Whether you are just starting out, looking for your exit strategy or anywhere in between, I have enough experience to be of assistance.

Saying that however, I work especially well with the business owner who knows that they need help to get to the next level.

I would suggest reading thru the “5 critical steps” to determine your current position.

What I propose is an initial (complimentary) introductory session with you and your team to work out how best I can help. In most cases a strategic planning workshop is the best starting point (which I facilitate) and we go from there. We begin with a SWOT & PEST analysis before proceeding to setting the vision & KPIs. From there we can begin to develop strategies as well as a realistic schedule of their implementation.Of course without employee buy-in none of this is possible so we also agree on (and communicate) a daily, weekly and monthly meeting rhythm. This meeting rhythm is the key to changing the culture through empowerment, transparency, two-way communication (or 360 degree feedback) and ideally open-book management.

Then we look to the future and what it can hold for you?

Expansion? Acquisition? Retirement? MBO?

Once you have a profit machine of a business instead of a job, you probably wont want to sell but you will have a highly valuable asset which generates income without you.

What are you waiting for! Call me on +61 425 781 752 for a complimentary chat to see what I can bring to your business.


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