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Survival vs. Creation

Survivor Mode versus Creator Mode

Ok, as promised, today I want to talk about how approaching life as a creator rather than as a survivor can dramatically change your life! Whether you are struggling with anxiety, sickness, a failed relationship, career, or even your business… how you approach life makes all the difference!

So… Survivor versus Creator… let’s compare the 2:

What a typical survivor looks like –
Survivor = Full of self pity, resentful, lacks vision, will take whatever life gives them and because they are focused on the past their future is like a self fulfilling prophecy…

And a typical creator?
Creator = Focused on the now, has a positive attitude, clear vision, energised, loves life, is grateful, and in harmony with the energy of the universe…

I know which one I would rather be!

Unfortunately these days most of us are just surviving… but we can do something about it.

To begin, let’s just explain some basics about our bodies and importantly our stress response as we need to understand this before we can hope to become creators.

Homeostasis – is when our bodies are in their optimal state, hormonally balanced, stress free; our ‘happy’ state.

Stress – is what happens when we knock our bodies out of balance hormonally.

Stress Response – is what our bodies do naturally when they are out of balance as it tries to return to homeostasis; we turn on our stress response when we react to our external environment i.e. our fight or flight response to threats perceived or real.

Problem however is that we are capable of turning this on by thought alone! And this is the problem; what was once an essential survival tool now works against us. Simply anticipating a future event will be stressful (by pattern matching it to past experiences) can trigger our fight or flight; same with re-living past traumatic experiences in our head. Our stress response was only ever meant to be a temporary reaction to help us survive a danger; if however we continually activate it as we relive the past or anticipate our future we end up in a state of chronic stress.

Eventually, this impacts our health as the constant shutting down of automatic functions and the alterations in blood pressure, blood sugar etc. cause illness and disease. We are also affected mentally as the over-production of stress hormones cause us to feel emotions such as anger, fear, envy & hate which eventually can result in anxiety, depression, sadness, aggression and insecurity.

Thanks to the ‘modern world’ we now live in, this unfortunately represents everyday living for too many of us.

But what if there was another way? What if we could take back control and live the life of our dreams? After all, we see plenty of people happy & successful, so why can’t we do it?

We can!!!

Well, we can once we are no longer observing these people from a ‘survival’ state from which we are only able to look on with resentment, envy and even hatred.

So the obvious first thing to do is leave this unhealthy state. And to do this we must unlearn survival & relearn creation which is our normal state as human beings.

To unlearn survival we need to learn how to calm ourselves down so that we can return to homeostasis. Once we can get there we will again have access to our thinking, rational brain rather than the emotional brain which controls us when we are stressed. We need to disable the emotional brain’s control so that we can leave behind survival emotions as we can’t create a new healthy way of living by being angry, full of fear, hate, resentment & doubt. Instead we want to replace those emotions with the elevated emotions of love, joy & gratitude.

Of course, to do that, we need to become self-aware of our own thoughts & feelings and learn to stop or modify any behaviours that keep us in the old survival state and obstruct us from reaching a new creative state.
Then we need to focus on what our new life, our new way of being, looks like! Who do we want to be? What do we want to do? How do we want to behave? What do we want to change about ourselves???

As we get better at doing this and as we spend more time focused on this rather than our old stressed out state of survival, our mind begins to ‘rewire’ itself as it creates that new you!

In this new way of thinking, it is no longer our emotional brain creating havoc but instead it is now our thinking, rational brain that is in control as it shuts down the other parts of the brain and focuses single-mindedly on creating your new reality.

From here, with practise, your thoughts & feelings become positive, your emotions are elevated, you feel happy, full of love, joy and gratitude… as you just know that you are now in the process of creation and therefore you trust the outcome as it was your own thought process that purposely created it!

All that energy that you used to waste on pointless ruminating… stressing over what could have been… or living a life of fear, anxiety, doubt & pain… is now instead being put to good use creating a new better healthier you.

Is it easy? No!

But it is who we are meant to be – we all have one purpose in this life… and that is to be the best possible version of ourselves!

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