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Become employee centric and watch your business thrive!


As we begin 2018 “employee centric” is one of those buzzwords being thrown around together with AI/ML, digital disruption, ‘bots, lifelong learning & employee self-service portals.

But what if they are much more than just buzzwords? What if they really could help you streamline your business, increase productivity and improve employee retention? What do you think that would be worth to your bottom-line?

Let’s begin by exploring what these buzzwords mean within the context of employer/employee relations:

Employee centric – Focussed on right person – right role both in skills and ‘fit’. Right from the recruitment stage it is imperative that a person’s skill set, their cognitive capacity, their aspirations/interests are taken into consideration alongside the business’ short-term and long-term needs. However it is also important to take into account their ‘cultural fit’.

Once selected, care must then be taken to ensure a new employees first impressions are favourable through a structured, concise and informative on-boarding and customised induction process.

But it doesn’t stop there; if your business is to be truly ’employee centric’ then this will be ongoing throughout the employee’s lifecycle within your business. Digital management tools utilising real time data analytics allows 360 degree performance of each employee. This in turn facilitates proactive intervention for skills gap training and/or mentoring.

Continuous professional development through customised industry or role specific online and on-the-job learning helps to keep the employee engaged and appreciated.

Ensuring each employee can access company info as well as their own details such as e-learning course progress, tasks and agreed KPI progress also greatly enhances an employees experience of working with your organisation.

By now you are likely thinking that’s all very well but even if transitioning to ’employee centric is the way to go, where do I start?

Well, that’s where those other buzzwords come in; through the current wave of digital disruption we are seeing many SAAS (software as a service) products come on the market to assist business in all areas.

HR products are no exception with ‘on-the-cloud’ solutions for everything. From automated posting of jobs on several platforms, ‘natural language processing’ facilitating the shortlisting of candidates, ‘bots and even gamification utilised in the assessment process through to automated ‘self-service’ for on boarding, inductions and e-learning.

Real time data analytics is the real game changer whereby HR, management, assessors and the employees themselves all have access to the relevant dashboards and reports which remove any bias from the potential minefield that is ‘performance management’. At a glance, performance against agreed criteria is available at any time throughout the year rather than looking in the rear view mirror  and disputes over each parties perceptions of what had been discussed 12 months previous (often) by a since departed manager.

Now it is possible to have all data available in one location for each and every employee and the collective data available to report by employee, by department or project. By freeing up your HR department from menial tasks it is now possible for them to actually participate in the growth of the business.

Isn’t it time you reviewed your HR strategy?

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