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Staying focused with Core Values

Core Values – jargon thrown around by consultants and personal development ‘gurus’ or actually worth investing in?

Well first off, what are they and how do we benefit by being aware of and aligning ourselves with them?

Sounds simplistic but core values are simply our set of beliefs, what we believe in and what motivates us.

Used wisely they help us to define our purpose and when we have purpose the rest becomes effortless. We find ourselves doing whatever it takes, decisions look after themselves as they are either aligned with our purpose or not; no grey areas. Employees become empowered, more focused, understanding the importance of their role and how it is aligned with the bigger picture.

So as you can see, core values are critically important to your vision, to how you are going to achieve it and to keeping everyone focused and aligned along the way.

What are your Core Values? Have you communicated them clearly with the rest of the team? Are they evident to a client on working with your team? Is everyone aligned with them?

If you have answered positive to the above questions, then well done on understanding their importance and on their implementation.

If, however you haven’t yet established your core values and purpose this coming mid-financial year break is a perfect time to do so, allowing you and your team to hit the ground running in January with a clear focus, agreed key metrics and a rhythm to keep you on track.

Act now! Yes it’s soon the holiday period but you have a business to run. Plus, wouldn’t you enjoy that break a lot more knowing exactly how your business is tracking, where it is headed and that your team is fully engaged to make it happen?

Make that Strategic Planning Workshop happen now so that you are not looking back with regret next July!


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