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Survivor or Creator?



Survivor vs. Creator, which one are you and why this is so important…

Have you ever caught yourself wishing you were a kid again? Carefree, still believing that anything you dream of becoming can be your reality?

What happened? Where and when did you stop believing this?

I’m guessing somewhere around the time that you felt shackled by modern life’s responsibilities e.g. mundane job, mortgage etc.

But life is so much more than that (luckily), thing is many of us get bogged down and can’t see the wood for the trees. Do you really think life is or should be about spending all day every day tied to a job and a mortgage to age 70+ ? Seriously!!

Unless you are a complete hermit you couldn’t have missed Conor McGregor’s fight in UFC over the weekend; Conor is a perfect example of the power of “Visualization“. Only a few years ago Conor was a first year apprentice plumber in Dublin with a bleak future; after watching the “Law of Attraction” with his girlfriend he began his journey to his vision and yesterday the Universe delivered.

So many of us spend our time exactly where governments and banks want us to be; debt-ridden, stressed, alcohol and junk food addicted tax payers sitting in front of TV and/or computer screen with a big mortgage…

Listen, none of us are getting out of here alive, so where is the logic in this system?

Are we that effing stupid as a society that we are happy to work our asses off for 50 years while we eat junk, ingurgitate crap from social media and tv whilst chained to a mortgage? … really?

So back to the title of this blog, are you a mere survivor or a creator?

Conor created his reality; what is yours?

Have you ever taken the time out to even think what it is you want from life? I hear people all the time saying how “lucky” so and so is… total bs!

Zero luck involved!

As Conor says ” Losers think about winners, winners think about winning!”

So to be a winner, what do we need? Well to start, we need to know where we are going, what are we trying to achieve? What is the vision? Then we need to believe in that vision and do the work necessary to deliver on it!

Survivor = Self pity, chip on shoulder, whinging, lack of vision, no future, will take whatever life gives them and because they are focused on the past their future is like a self fulfilling prophecy…

Creator = Focused, positive, clear vision, energised, loves life, grateful, in harmony with the energy of the universe…

Step up, become a creator and determine your destiny




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