business growth

Pulling your head out of the sand – the business owners hallelujah moment!

As a follow up from my “ostrich mentality” post I’d like to propose a far more positive solution.

Back to Basics:

Yes, I know it’s not rocket science but neither is running a business…

Decide on the Vision.

Agree on the Strategy.

Sytemise the business.

And Empower the people.

So lets break that down.

What exactly is your Vision? Are your people aware of it and do they know what is expected of them to make it happen? Sounds simple but most clients I work with admit that 1) they have a vision but 2) their employees have no idea about it or their part in it…

Strategy – You need a strategy to achieve that vision, what is it?

Systems – Without them you only have a job…

Empowerment – An incredibly powerful tool. Put it this way; if you treat your people as idiots they’ll act like idiots. Never forget why you hired them, then get out of the way and let them do their (your) business!

Easy Peasy


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