Do you love what you do?

Considering we spend such a large chunk of our life working, it would be logical to expect that the majority of us spend that time doing something we love.

But is that the case?

From the number of unhappy people I have met over the years I would suggest not!

So many of us seem to just drift, allowing life to happen to us instead of living the life of our dreams.

As children we dream big, we are not afraid to believe, we are not worried about what others think, we are not afraid of failure.

With adulthood comes relationships, mortgages, peer pressure and a whole lot of other baggage either perceived or real.

Yet we think on average 50,000 thoughts a day and have the ability to think whatever we choose. Surely with that much thinking we can think ourselves into the life we want? What do I mean by that, you say? Well with the ability to think whatever we want and the the average person thinking 50,000 thoughts a day then why not train your mind to think positive thoughts, thoughts of where you want to be and how you are going to get there.

Often though instead of this, many of us reflect on the past, on what we could have done better or on “what-if scenarios”.

Learn to focus your thoughts on the future, on what you want to become rather than lamenting on the rut you are in. Instead of wasting time with the “whingers” surround yourself with the “doers”. If you are in a dead end job do something about it; don’t blame your boss, your family, your finances or anything else.

Take the time to think instead of your ideal life, then set your vision and focus on what it will take for you to achieve it.


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