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Last Quarter, Last Chance!

Okay, third quarter over and into the final straight if you do business here in Australia.

How is your business tracking? Hopefully you have the tools in place to know, but if not its the ideal time to implement them for the new financial year in July.

But firstly, back to the last quarter and your team’s last chance to kick goals to get the best result possible for this year. Make it a priority first thing Tuesday 1st April to rally the troops and explain exactly what the objectives are and what it is you need to do in the next twelve weeks, then break it down into tasks and finally sub-tasks.

Delegate, empower and give accountability to each and every team member. Engage them, listen to their suggestions, get their buy-in to the job at hand.

By the end of this strategic vision meeting with your team it should be very clear to everyone what it is you aim to achieve and how. Have follow up meetings weekly to track progress, give feedback and keep everyone accountable. Keep everyone excited and feeling good about their achievements both as individuals and as a team; keep everyone engaged.

Remember, it is human nature to feel good about our achievements and it is important to each of us to know that what we do makes a difference.

So make sure that your people feel valued as vital contributors to the overall result!

Now, with your team on track to deliver the result for this last quarter it is time to focus on next year; with clear focus and a solid action plan what can your team achieve next year?

Begin by working out what exactly is your vision; is it an exit strategy for the owner? Maybe a merger or acquisition? There may be an opportunity for organic growth still? Or you may have an opportunity to take advantage of new technology to grow your business?

Whatever the case may be, firstly define the vision, set the objectives then implement the action plan. I would suggest breaking down the objectives and action plan into quarterly and monthly KPI’s (that’s Key Performance Indicators) for the team and the individual. Again get the buy-in of the individual. Set priorities, organize a simple visual way to track and measure progress. A lot of modern on the cloud type business management software have dashboard type visuals which are great for this.

This should be similar to your “last quarter” program where you focused on the final twelve weeks of the financial year; now you have a whole twelve months to achieve a clearly defined vision, you have an action plan in place and everyone on the team knows the rules of the game. Everyone is engaged and understands the role they play in winning.

With these sort of dynamics in place you are unstoppable, now give me one good reason not to make the effort to set the scene for next year’s success? Over to you, but excuses like “I don’t have time” are just not good enough.

Make it happen!


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