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Disconnect to Reconnect!

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Regular followers would have noticed that I have being posting less regularly since I began on my road back to fitness in June of this year.

What I have found is that as I get fitter I am less inclined to spend time in front of a computer; actually like most people these days I already spend far too much of my working day in front of a screen.

Lately I find myself spending more and more time being active whether it’s in the gym, on the beach or just in the garden.

As a result of this reduced time online I find that social media and networking sites have less and less appeal and I have gone back to the days of old where I now use internet primarily as a research tool.

This got me thinking about current trends or in a lot of cases, obsessions with social media sites, tablets, smartphones and the need to feel “connected” at all times. Next time you’re in public have a look around you; everywhere you look are supposed “couples” or “friends” sitting together but instead of enjoying the moment they are busy online checking feeds or updating their status! Seriously, if it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable! When I was at a recent concert by The Lumineers, the lead singer actually refused to play and requested that the crowd put away their stupid effing phones and instead enjoy the moment.

Don’t be too quick to agree though as a lot of us are so busy “networking” on sites such as LinkedIn that we don’t network FOR REAL anymore. I for one am getting tired of the race for connections and the endorsements from people we’ve never met rendering the whole thing pointless.

So the point of today’s post? Simply that we should be more discriminate in our use of this great technology; it’s a great tool for sure but if you really want to network it’s as easy as putting away that smartphone and starting a conversation with that person next to you on the train, at the bus stop, in the local coffee shop etc. It’s really not that hard.

Can I suggest that maybe it’s time to disconnect to reconnect!


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