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Are You Fit to Lead?

A question that has popped up several times over the past 8 weeks of my quest to regain fitness is just how fit are most leaders? From my experience as a management consultant on the Gold Coast I suspect that the answer for most would be “not really”.


What do I mean by fit to lead? Are you mentally & physically fit each day when you go to work, ready for the challenges that each day brings or do you battle thru’ each obstacle with ever increasing blood pressure, grumpy and abrupt with your staff, clients & suppliers.

As I continue on my fitness journey I reflect on the numerous “leaders” I have worked with over the years and how the majority of them spend their days in meetings, planes, traffic or sitting in front of a computer screen. Then, feeling stressed from another hard day in the office they relax with a few wines or other alcoholic beverage of choice. Over the years the lack of exercise, poor diet choices & constant dehydration result in many leaders becoming lethargic, suffering from brain-fog, a lack of energy and generally under-performing.

Even if despite all this, they are successful in their business, imagine what they (you) could achieve if they (you) really were “fit to lead”? Imagine that same leader with boundless energy & enthusiasm, ready & willing for the next challenge, open to suggestions & opportunities. What more could be achieved if the leader made decisions with absolute clarity of mind, focused on the bigger picture, the vision for the business instead of knee-jerk reactions to get thru the day.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to do something about it then I would suggest starting with your diet; eliminate all processed food, starchy carbs & sugar. Instead, focus on eating real food in the form of protein, healthy fats and good carbs, in other words meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds. Drink lots of water throughout the day and begin to incorporate exercise into your day. Where possible get out of that chair every couple of hours to get the body moving, try to get a good walk into each day. As your fitness levels improve I would recommend adding resistance training to your fitness regimen; if you are new to this it would be worth  paying for a few sessions with a personal trainer to ensure correct form thereby reducing the likelihood of injury.

It’s funny how getting fit by following a plan is so similar to my day job as a management consultant helping business owners on the Gold Coast surpass their goals. Simply agree on the vision, implement the strategy and then with focus & persistence anything is possible.

So, are you fit to lead? And if not, are you ready to do something about it?


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