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The Time to Plan Your Exit Strategy is Now!

Imagine its 12 months or two years from now. A potential buyer walks into your business and asks to see how things operate…. You happily walk her through your business pointing out: How these days it runs without you How you have systemized each and every process How from anywhere in the world you have… Continue reading The Time to Plan Your Exit Strategy is Now!

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Is the culture in your workplace helping or hindering your growth?

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Over the years I have been involved with companies that had a great culture and with others that were toxic; I can tell you that in 100% of the cases the companies that were successful were those with a great workplace culture! So what is the culture of successful world class…

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Are You Fit to Lead?

A question that has popped up several times over the past 8 weeks of my quest to regain fitness is just how fit are most leaders? From my experience as a management consultant on the Gold Coast I suspect that the answer for most would be “not really”. What do I mean by fit to… Continue reading Are You Fit to Lead?