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Dare to Inspire – feedback after week 1

It’s Tuesday night, just in from a frustrating, long day of work. So easy to convince yourself that you deserve a nice glass or two of wine & settle in for the evening in front of some mindless TV, movie/music streaming or internet browsing?


For those of you who read “Dare to Inspire” you would be aware that I have embarked on a 12 week transformation program called Stronglifts 5 x 5

Well, I decided on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday as my workout days so instead of the above mindless activity I am due to commence the first workout of week 2, which is planned right after this update.

So how did week 1 go? Absolutely loved it! My plan to just do a couple of weeks perfecting techniques quickly gave way to trips to the sports shop every couple of days to add weights as I got right on board with the program. It really is for everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness levels. How? Because everyone starts with the empty bar and then simply add 2.5kg each workout. Follow the programmed workout each of the 3 workout days alternating between workout A or B then track your progress on the spreadsheet supplied.

Happy to say that thus far I am on track and confident of staying there. Funnily enough this journey to improved fitness & strength got me thinking about the similarities between this and a well planned & executed project such as an exit strategy or business turnaround.


Well the vision is agreed upon in advance – I recorded the relevant KPIs i.e Bodyweight & Bodyfat (as well as optional Blood Pressure, % body water, lean mass etc) and set targets in each area that I will achieve by 17/8 (my next birthday). Then the tracker measures those KPIs each workout allowing you to make the required changes there and then just like I recommend to all clients to use a daily meeting to nip issues in the bud and weekly dashboards to measure the data against agreed KPIs!

Anyway, enough talking about it, time for doing. Off to the garage for squats, overhead presses & barbell rows.

Until next time, John


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