Dare to inspire

Today being Saturday I walked to the newsagent, got my paper & played the lotto. Not a big newspaper or gambling fan just a tradition…

But as I advocate constantly on this site “doing the same thing and expecting different results borders on lunacy”.

So I have decided it is time to try something new…

My incident last November with a Rottweiler chewing my calf half off is most likely the reason behind this article…dunno.

Anyway, “dare to inspire” was the title on the front page of the real estate section of the paper today and somehow it struck a chord; I love real estate (actually it’s the only reason I buy the paper in the first place). Somehow this title (or statement) inspired me to write this blog this arvo; okay, I was already thinking it was time but this pushed me…

But time for what? Time to commit, to make a stand, to stop making excuses, to make a difference, to improve my life, to become energized, become healthier.

That’s a lot of blah, blah right?

Well no, because I have decided to commit right here in front of all of you, time to get healthy, fit, energized which in turn obviously improves all other aspects of my life.

So time to get started: after a lot of research, I have worked out that primal living is the way to go; I already eat primal so just need to make the effort to exercise primal.

Again, after a lot of research, I found Mehdi’s 5 x 5, love it!

Next step, equipment! As I am committed to Mehdis 12 week program I am going to start with purchasing a 7 ft Olympic bar, working out with that for a couple of weeks, then adding weights.

From there, it’s time for focus & persistence… I’ll be posting results on here regularly just to keep me honest; if I manage to motivate any of you to join that would be incredible…

Looking forward to the ride…



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