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So why are most employees disengaged?

human capitalMost business owners and senior managers struggle to admit it but the majority of your employees feel disengaged from the company they work for.

Don’t believe me? Remember when you hired Mary in Finance because of her can do attitude?

Or Mark in design who was brimming with ideas and innovation?

How about Linda in production with a star studded portfolio of successful Lean Manufacturing projects behind her?

Do you really expect me to believe they were all mis-hires?

At the point of hire you appointed each of your key staff on merit; on their ability to not only do their job but to be a part of the vision, of growing the business as per the strategic plan.

What happened?

Well, unfortunately like so many other companies, instead of allowing the new star recruits do what you hired them for you (read the culture at your company) required that they “conform” which in effect disarmed them of the very qualities you hired them for!

From there it was a rapid downward spiral as the new star recruit questions their move, you begin to question their worth and that maybe they were another mis-hire…


Can I suggest that you revisit the resumes of those “mis-hires” and then together have an open discussion about what they could bring to the company if they felt empowered to.

Better still, go one step further and have each and everyone of your employees complete a swot encouraging honesty and that all ideas are welcome.

Do it! Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results!!

And then, get out of their road!

Hope I’ve provoked you to rethink your people strategy, till next time, John.


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