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Business leaders

In reply to my post about “good leaders” yesterday I received this modified version by Roy Chambers:

Roy Chambers • “Exactly John, and I think that we can also apply this to businesses. If a business is a leader it meets many criteria on your checklist, especially trust. We buy brands that we trust and work with businesses that do what they say.

I want to rewrite your check list into a business leadership checklist (i will only do a couple now)”

Leader checklist rewritten as a business checklist:

 My business has the knowledge, skills, people and partnerships to fulfil the contracts it seeks

 We work systematically using processes (workflows) to meet the client’s needs.

My business doesn’t just sell a product or even a solution, but fits into a bigger picture of the client, a picture that I understand.

 We use our own products to add value to our business as an example to our clients

 I am concious of the real gains we are able to deliver to clients and regularly seek feedback from clients to learn about how we are helping them meet their KPIs

 We deal with all clients in a professional manner including dealing with difficult clients in a clear, professional and consistent manner.

 We seek feedback from customers and routinely incorporate that into our product and service delivery.

 As a business we are focus on continual improve of both the product and our customer service.

 I like dealing with clients and have a good relationship with our clients.

 We believe in going the “extra step” with clients.

 As a business, our true value is the difference we have made to our clients.
“If anyone would ask me if we achieve these things in our business (, then to be honest, the answer is no, because leadership is difficult, but for every point listed here we have a strategy or process in place (and also an attitude) where we work on achieving these.” – Roy Chambers

Thanks Roy, great adaptation to make this list work for business’ as a whole.

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