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How good would you rate your leaders? Actually, what is a “good” leader?

As a follow up to my earlier blog on the “culture of trust versus the culture of mis-trust” the checklists below (also from the same lean thinking course by the way, think it may have been “Lean Manufacturing“?) are well worth doing to gauge whether your leaders are actually leading or getting in the way!

Try it and let me know your thoughts!

 Treat your team respectfully and professionally – they will more likely respond in the same way if that is the attitude conveyed to them

 Hire employees professionally – talk to them professionally – when the going gets tough ask opinions professionally

 Request details as they see the situation – take notes if necessary, and ask questions that give you as much information about their view as possible

 Don’t make value judgments – listen, nod and take notes – stay neutral until they have finished. Don’t add an opinion like “that won’t work” or “we tried that before and it didn’t work”

 Concentrate on what they are saying not what you are thinking

 Reply as soon as possible – people like to hear an answer – give a progress report of what is being done otherwise people may feel their opinion is not valued and will not offer it again

 Consider the ‘hidden’ message – there is sometime another message behind the information people are giving you i.e. a need to be recognized, a desire to blame others, criticism of management. Listen to what is and isn’t being said

 Make eye contact when people are speaking with you and call people by their name

 Consistently focus on the team effort and team celebration of success

 Praise publicly and correct privately

How do I rate as a leader?

 I know the technical aspects of my work

 I control the work flow to match the way it was organised

 I know enough about the big picture to relate what I am doing to others who need to know

 I take my role as supervisor seriously and do not let friendships influence my professional judgments

 I am personally productive

 I am conscious of working safely and providing a safe work environment for my team

 I have developed tracking systems to monitor the teams KPIs

 I am neat and ordered in my work area as an example to others

 I manage difficult situations with team member performance in a planned and professional manner

 I can handle new situations easily when they arise

 I encourage others to suggest ideas for efficiency

 I am consistently on the look out for ways to do things better

 I like coming to work

 I encourage the people I supervise to develop beyond their current roles

 I openly celebrate achievement with individuals and the team

 I go home after work feeling that I have achieved

Well? How did your “leaders” score?

I would suggest having an open discussion with them about their score now and where you would like to see it evolve to, keep it positive however. You could (and should) also have your people rate you as a leader; are you up to it?

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