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A culture built on trust… what does it look like?


Below is a checklist from a lean manufacturing course I had a clients team attend a couple of years back; score your business (honestly) to see where you are currently.

A Culture Built On Trust:

     Challenges to the status quo are welcomed and considered

     People enjoy coming to work

     Team members freely share ideas because all new ideas are considered regardless of how           controversial

     Conflict is resolved constructively

     Safety is a priority

     People are valued regardless of position or rank

     No reward for being ‘yes’ people

     Everyone free to be OK about being themselves

     Recognition going mostly to teams rather than individuals

     Teams feel appreciated and valued

     Mistakes are handled with support

     There are no ‘protected species’

     There is no punishment for challenging the team

     People speak highly of their team

     Procedures and forms are at a minimum

     Information needed is available

And now for the flip side:

A culture built on mis-trust:
 Challenges are seen as a threat

 People are consistently taking time off

 Team member do not share ideas

 Conflict is left until there is a blow up

 Safety is used as leverage to get resources or discipline people

 Rank is used to threaten

 ‘Yes’ people get what they want

 People change their behavior at work

 The same people get a pat on the back – why try

 There is not method of celebrating team success

 People are punished for making mistakes

 People are taken off jobs when they do not do well

 We play favorites

 People are pushed out of the team if they do not conform

 People are always putting others down

 We suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’

 Information is seen as power and is withheld

So how does your business rate? Which one best represents your business? Do you have a culture built on trust?

As discussed in my article about the culture of “world class” companies the right culture is critical to your success!


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