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Great post by Karen, just shows how engaging your employees is really a no brainer!

Karen Gately

In October 2011 the Society for Knowledge Economics published a report titled “Leadership, Culture and Management Practices of High Performing Workplaces in Australia: The High Performing Workplaces Index”.   The results are compelling and provide valuable insight into how to leverage teams to drive the performance of organisations. Today’s Karen Gately blog unpacks the High Performing Workplaces Index, and highlights the key messages.

Conducted over 2½ years and funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, this in-depth study aims to provide insight into the leadership, culture and management practices that influence the performance of organisations. A core motivation behind the decision to undertake this study is recognition that “people at work are the engine of Australia’s productivity performance”.  The report goes on to say that “…it is the performance of people at work that determines much of the economic performance and output rates of the Australian economy”.

What the numbers say:

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