Lessons Learned


Two weeks on from my encounter and more determined than ever to come back stronger. As the days go by I become more focussed, my purpose more definite. You often hear that it takes a defining moment to finally give clarity to your purpose in life, what you want to be remembered for and I guess it’s true as I have certainly changed since that day.

Still a week to go in this cast, then some rehab but I am already itching to go; to become fitter, healthier and very successful financially! The difference now though is that my reason for financial success is driven by the desire to enjoy life to the max rather than for status! To travel, to experience all this world has to offer whilst also helping others to achieve their goals. I plan on writing a very big bucket list and then to take great pleasure enjoying each and every item on it!

Before my little incident, I really thought I was driven but the reality is I could have given more, much more. The time wasted thinking what could have been, instead of what can be. Funny how it often takes some sort of trauma in your life to really get it, the wake up call that shows you just how fragile life is and how temporary our existence is. At least that’s how I feel and I am using this feeling to change my mindset so as to fully profit from the opportunities that I meet every day either personally or professionally.

I remember reading somewhere that if you are for example 40 today and expect to live to say 84 that’s only 2288 weeks; do you plan to spend them like you did the past week or past month or year? I know that I certainly don’t! I meet so many people that just exist, that just let life happen but life is what you make it, work out what it is you want to do, build the strategy to make it happen then focus ALL your energy on your goal. Whether your goal is weight loss, achieving your dream job, living in some exotic location, becoming a rockstar, whatever, if you want it enough there is no reason you can’t get it.

Just keep in mind that your time in this world is finite so make the most of it. Hopefully you won’t wait on such a painful wake up call as I had to realize that your life really is in your hands.

Life is for living… regards, Johnny


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