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Day 4 =Step 4 Enjoy!

In step 3 we finally automated your businessby analysing the work-flow; who does what, when & how and then systemizing each and every process.

We’re really beginning to get traction now:

  • We have a vision for your business & we have implemented strategies to achieve it.
  • We know what your USP is and we have put marketing strategies in place to ensure that your Dream 100 understand why your business is different and why they should be dealing with you.
  • We now understand that what gets measured gets results; you now utilize a CRM or similar database to track leads & conversion ratios. You use this same database to send regular updates to customers. Maybe you even went as far as creating an App for smart-phones to connect with them!
  • You have developed systems throughout your business which will finally allow you to step back, work on the bigger picture…

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