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Day 3 = Step 3

In step 2 we worked on  marketing your vision and the strategies you needed to put in place to tell your target market all about your USP.
Now, it is time to begin automating your business, putting systems in place to allow you to continue working on the bigger picture rather than the day to day.
3. Automate your business:

Ok, so you know where you’re going, you’ve decided on how you’re going to market and you’ve got a CRM or similar to measure the results of your sales team.Now, you need to put systems in place so that you the owner are not a part of the business, so that it runs without you.To do this requires a thorough analysis of your business; who does what, when, why, where?Rather than just writing down verbatim what each person does, take the extra time to work out the right way, the most…

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