So what’s your excuse?

Still making excuses for not chasing your goals? Well, since my encounter with a Rottweiler recently and coming off second best, I’ve had lots of time to reflect on things and have realized that maybe I should take some of my own advice. So watch this space!

Yes, we all make them, whether it’s in relation to our wealth ( or lack of it ), our careers, our relationships or our health, we are all guilty!

It’s so easy to blame others, the economy, the weather, our genes etc. It’s not our fault, it’s the bloody government. Or it’s the market; if only the market improved, I would sell more!!!

So what’s your excuse? Do you really believe it? Are you really going to continue to tell yourself that or are you going to do something about it?

Are you blaming the market, yet your competitors are busier than ever? An example of this behaviour locally where I live is real estate agents who blame the market for their lack of sales yet there are others who are smashing sales records month after month! The life coach Paul Blackburn defines the difference very well with his simple but true formula called “Playing above the line”. In Paul’s basic formula you can play above the line and take ownership,accountability and responsibility for your relationships (whether business or personal) or you can continue to play below the line and blame, make excuses and deny. Where would you rather be?

Ok, so now we know the problem, let’s look at the solutions:

Stop being the victim! Step up, do something about your situation. The blame game stops now!

Appreciate what you do have! Whether that is your health, wealth, family, experiences, career, beauty or whatever, be grateful! Realize that we are all unique, never take your experiences for granted; in the early days of my consulting career I never thought to use stories from my past to substantiate advice I was giving; basically I took my experience for granted not realizing that those experiences were unique to me. Because of our life experiences we all have something to offer, you need to realize that we are all unique, so never take for granted your knowledge, experience, successes and/or failures. We learn from all of them.

Vision: Are you making excuses for not realizing your dream life yet have not taken the time to work out exactly what that life is? Take the time to decide on the life of your dreams, what is it you enjoy doing? Can you turn this into a profitable business? What needs to be done for this to happen? What are your personal goals? What would you like to change/improve in your relationships? How about your life purpose? What will you be remembered by? Put another way, if you were told that you have a terminal disease, what would be your regrets, both what you wish you hadn’t done & what you wish you had. How does that feel? Are you passionate enough about any of these regrets to focus and commit to making them happen?

Focus: Once you have decided on your vision this must become your FOCUS, your obsession until you achieve it. If it is really important to you, then you will make it happen. Don’t be the “Ali Hafed”character of Acres and Diamonds though! Know what you have and appreciate it’s value! Create a Vision Board with images of what you WILL achieve, set a timeline of your goals, write up a one-page laminated FOCUS page, include your affirmations, read them daily, believe in them (you). Make it happen.

Persistence: Be persistent in your efforts, even if at the beginning you see no results, bear with the program.  A great example close to home for me is my son who stacked shelves after school and weekends to pay for gliding/flying lessons; four years on and I am proud to say he is now a trainee pilot with the RAAF! Believe in yourself, build slowly on your efforts, be positive, smile & be persistent!

The key here once you realize what it is that you actually want to do with your life is Focus & Persistence!
Make it happen, because guess what? No one else is going to do it for you!

7 thoughts on “So what’s your excuse?

  1. So very true! I love the vision part. Many people underestimate the importance of visualizing exactly what you want, then going after it. Also you are right on point about the not being the victim. Once you label yourself the victim, then that’s the role you will take. You have to stand up and have a backbone at some point. Great post!

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