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Survival vs. Creation

Survivor Mode versus Creator Mode Ok, as promised, today I want to talk about how approaching life as a creator rather than as a survivor can dramatically change your life! Whether you are struggling with anxiety, sickness, a failed relationship, career, or even your business… how you approach life makes all the difference! So… Survivor… Continue reading Survival vs. Creation

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New Year New Me (and You)!

This New Year’s Eve as I reflect on the tumultuous year that was 2019 I am determined that 2020 is finally the year that it all comes together. A new year is the opportunity for a new beginning, a time to make things right, to focus on the future and all that we can be.… Continue reading New Year New Me (and You)!

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Are you just wishing your life away???

Considering we spend such a large chunk of our life working, it would be logical to expect that the majority of us spend that time doing something we love. But is that the case? From the number of unhappy people I have met over the years I would suggest not! So many of us seem to just… Continue reading Are you just wishing your life away???

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Become employee centric and watch your business thrive!

As we begin 2018 “employee centric” is one of those buzzwords being thrown around together with AI/ML, digital disruption, ‘bots, lifelong learning & employee self-service portals. But what if they are much more than just buzzwords? What if they really could help you streamline your business, increase productivity and improve employee retention? What do you… Continue reading Become employee centric and watch your business thrive!

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EOFY is about more than great sales…

Do you have a Strategic Plan for the new financial year? With only weeks to go to the start of a new financial year have you done the necessary to give your people the flying start needed to achieve your goals for the next 4 quarters?   What are your goals? Have your team been… Continue reading EOFY is about more than great sales…